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Food Drying x

As DKİ Sanayi, we actively use the microwave technology in all industrial work processes and we focus on obtaining the maximum possible efficiency. We also benefit from advanced industrial solutions and high-level technology in food industry.

Mineral Drying and Calcination x

With microwave technology as one of the most innovative technologies in the drying field, we operate with the principle of maximum efficiency in industrial business types like mineral drying and calcination.

Project&San-tez x

Under Project & San-Tez we put in the maximum effort to support academic and professional studies.

Why Microwave Technology? x

Low Energy Costs

Balancing out the high energy consumption rates of the traditional methods with more favorable and efficient production methods, microwave drying systems enables the industrial enterprises to save on energy up to high rates.

Ease of Control

However big or broad the product line may be, microwave drying systems provide exceptional ease in terms of control and supervision.

High Efficiency

Especially with its convenience in industrial production lines, microwave drying systems shine out as industrial solutions to ensure the highest possible efficiency within the shortest span of time.

Ease of Disassembly

Thanks to the ease of disassembly, if the area of production happens to change, it will be easier to relocate the product line integrated with microwave drying technology.

Homogeneous Drying

Homogenous drying ensures that the drying process occurs by balancing out the chemical structure of different types of products and their sensitivity.

Recent Posts x

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